Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Tutorial

Jobeet is a great tutorial wrote by the Symfony team to help you learn how to use the framework by building a fully functional job board website. It was wrote for Symfony 1.x version and then I adapted it for Symfony 2.0 (you can find the old version here). Now it’s time for another remake using the new Symfony 2.8 framework (currently this is the long-term support version).

In the following weeks I will begin to post the parts of making the Jobeet website using Symfony 2.8, so it will help beginners to learn and understand how the framework works. I will try to follow the original Jobeet tutorial, but I will also make some changes to include new technologies and to reflect my personal developing style.

You can find the tutorial published on medium: Symfony 2.8 Jobeet Tutorial

Cadouri Personalizate

Cadourile personalizate online au devenit foarte cautate in ultimul timp, Internetul oferind pe langa servicii de personalizare cadouri rapide, si o gama mai larga de cadouri care pot fi personalizate.

Astazi va prezint, un site care va ofera astfel de produse: fie ca e vorba de cadouri pentru barbati, femei, copii, Logotex va poate ajuta in orice situatie. Veti gasi tricouri, cani, brelocuri si multe alte articole ce pot fi personalizate.

Spor la cuparaturi!

Create Your Own Symfony2 Password Encoder

If you ever needed to migrate an old project’s users to Symfony2, you probably needed to preserve their passwords. As the passwords are encoded using a specific algorithm, you have to configure your new Symfony2 project to use exactly the same method in order for the old passwords work.

Find out how to do this in this new blog post: How to Create a Custom Symfony2 Password Encoder

Android Tutorial: How to Build a Login Screen

My first Android tutorial is live here:

You will find a full code example on how to build an Android login screen using an API web service to check the username and password before allowing users to access some part of your applications. Please enjoy and let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions to improve this.