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Symfony2 Jobeet Day 13: Security

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Securing the Application

Security is a two-step process whose goal is to prevent a user from accessing a resource that he/she should not have access to. In the first step of the process, the authentication, the security system identifies who the user is by requiring the user to submit some sort of identification. Once the system knows who you are, the next step, called the authorization, is to determine if you should have access to a given resource (it checks to see if you have privileges to perform a certain action). Continue reading

Symfony2 Jobeet Day 12: The Admin Bundle

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With the addition we made in day 11 on Jobeet, the application is now fully usable by job seekers and job posters. It’s time to talk a bit about the admin section of our application. Today, thanks to the Sonata Admin Bundle, we will develop a complete admin interface for Jobeet in less than an hour. Continue reading

Symfony2 Jobeet Day 10: The Forms

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Any website has forms, from the simple contact form to the complex ones with lots of fields. Writing forms is also one of the most complex and tedious task for a web developer: you need to write the HTML form, implement validation rules for each field, process the values to store them in a database, display error messages, repopulate fields in case of errors, and much more… Continue reading

Symfony2 Jobeet Day 9: The Functional Tests

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Functional tests are a great tool to test your application from end to end: from the request made by a browser to the response sent by the server. They test all the layers of an application: the routing, the model, the actions, and the templates. They are very similar to what you probably already do manually: each time you add or modify an action, you need to go to the browser and check that everything works as expected by clicking on links and checking elements on the rendered page. In other words, you run a scenario corresponding to the use case you have just implemented. Continue reading

Symfony2 Jobeet Day 8: The Unit Tests

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Tests in Symfony2

There are two different kinds of automated tests in symfony: unit tests and functional tests. Unit tests verify that each method and function is working properly. Each test must be as independent as possible from the others. On the other hand, functional tests verify that the resulting application behaves correctly as a whole. Continue reading